Pastor’s Weekly Sermons

Pastor’s Weekly Sermons

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The Season of Epiphany

It is that time of the liturgical calendar between Christmas and Lent when we the church enters into the “ordinary” time called Epiphany.  And like the things that take place in our worship, it is anything but ordinary.  “The Epiphany” or the manifestation of Christ is revealed in the liturgical practices of our worship of God throughout the year but more intentional during this liturgical season.  The feast day of Epiphany celebrated on January sixth, is twelve days after Christmas.  On this date, the Western Church has been exclusively focused on the visit of the Magi, however, in other Christian traditions the Visit of the Magi is celebrated along with the Baptism of our Lord.  The manifestation of Christ or the revelation of the true nature of Christ revealed at His Baptism in the River Jordan will be January thirteenth.  The Epiphanytide will be kept until The Transfiguration of Our Lord which will be March 3, 2019.  February 24 will be designated as the Last Sunday after the Epiphany.

The literary term ‘epiphany’ is defined as the sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially through an ordinary but striking occurrence.  In this season of Epiphany may we see ordinary but striking occurrences in our worship of Christ that gives prominence to the mission of the church which is the true manifestation of Christ gathered here today.

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